A quick Arbuckle update (I told you…I am OBSESSED):

I’m now making mugs!
(Photo #10 – credit Monica Martino / Lemon Zesty)

And just for fun, I teamed up with his mom to do a giveaway for his weigh-in. Whoever guessed his weight correctly would win a mug!

There were so many guesses that she had to request that people guess to within three decimal points. And even then there were six winners! So six Arbie mugs have now found their way into new homes. And that makes me so happy.

(Photo #11 – credit Monica Martino / Lemon Zesty)

If you missed out on the contest, have no fear. These mugs are available in my shop, and I donate 20% of every purchase to Arbuckle’s nonprofit rescue group, A Purposeful Rescue.

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